So, we were joking: Songs in the Night is actually more like Songs…after the kids go to bed. The original Songs in the Night that I named this musical series after was an all night worship and prayer vigil that I led in my early twenties. And at this time in our lives we don’t quite have the stamina for that, but we manage to scurry to the basement for these recordings.

For our worship time this month we decided to sing my friend Bruce Goode’s song “What a Friend” from our Called as Friends album. You can purchase the song here: itunes. You can also check out that album’s website at:

This song has been going through my head quite a bit. I remember when Bruce wrote it, Marissa and I were going through a time of grieving and tragedy, and this song ministered to me so deeply. It is still a powerful song of declaration and hope. Tonight we just went into our time thinking about how God delights in us.

We hit record, and here it is.