Musical Bio

Joel Bidderman isn’t your average performer and singer/songwriter, he’s a poet who has wandered from Hawaii to Florida, a nomad who has slept on countless couches, and he’s a compassionate advocate who has had a homeless man live with him for a year, and who has spent 9 years working with Navajo and Apache teens on reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. He has swam in swimming holes carved out by majestic waterfalls in the Grand Canyon, and has spent hours gazing deep into the night sky. And through it all, Joel weaves the contemplations of these events into his songs. That is what you get when Joel plays his songs: a journey.

Joel has played guitar for over 20 years, and when he performs, he brings an earthy folk vibe, influenced by his jazz and blues roots. His honest lyrics reflect a raw reflection on his faith in God, and a candor of his own weaknesses, while embracing a passion to live life to its fullest.


The Nomad Chronicles

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