Written the week following the week when I wrote “Waiting,” I poured out “At the Foot of the Cross.” Sometimes you write the song, and sometimes the song writes you. This one is the latter. I remember sitting writing this song, and it just kind of poured out – I think I wrote the song in about 5 minutes, but the song was two tough weeks in the making. I remember not sharing it with anyone for a while, because it felt so personal. It still feels personal, but redemptive and hope filled. It’s always a blessing to sing it, and in this concert, I was blessed to have my wife sing it.

At the Foot of the Cross
by Joel Bidderman
© 2000 Joel A Bidderman

Verse 1:
Have You brought me here
Among these rocks and thorns
Listening for the voice that I long to hear
Let this be my plea
Keep me on my knees
That I would not forget Your mercy

At the foot of the cross
I’m broken and I’m weak
At the foot of the cross
I lay everything

Verse 2:
Oh Friend of mine
Once bruised, bleeding and torn
Let me not forget why You hung there
My iniquities You paid
My sin Your joy to bear
Your love that draws and holds me close to You

The Band
Vocals and guitar: Joel Bidderman
Vocals: Marissa Bidderman
Percussion: Tim Short
Guitar: Mike LaGravinese
Bass: Daniel Mullins
Keyboard: Danny Mullins