It’s one of the most meaningful things to me to be able to recollect and perform songs that I’ve performed for years, and this one is one of my favorites. It’s rare to have recording of the song’s intro also, so it was fun to catch it on tape, as well as having my wife take the lead with me. I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of my life and music.

By Joel Bidderman

This road is dusty
And it’s getting to my eyes
So that I can’t see where I’m going
Or even the time

But I’ll trust in You
Though it feels hurtin’ to me
And though I can’t see

Verse 2:
Job, Abraham and Sarah
We could talk for hours
About wishing that Your timing
Was a little closer to ours

But I’ll toast to You
With my rusty heart
And   my     cup that’s full of tears

Lord I’m waiting, I’m waiting
For You to save the day
For You to hold this heart (repeat)

Verse 3:
Walking for miles, through mud and rain
Looking for the sun to rise
On a field so dry, I cannot feel
It’s as if something has died

So I’ll wait for You
With my hands tied
So that I can feel the joy of Your touch

And they that wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They will mount up with wings as eagles
They will run and not grow weary;
they’ll walk and not faint
So teach me Lord…to wait

The Band
Vocals and guitar: Joel Bidderman
Vocal: Marissa Bidderman
Percussion: Tim Short
Guitar: Mike LaGravinese
Bass: Daniel Mullins
Keyboard: Danny Mullins