Rest: The Missional Introvert Part Two

2018-01-16T15:27:31+00:00By |discipleship, Missional Community|

As I've been thinking about being Missional. I've thought more about what that means for me as an introvert. Susan Cain did a great TED talk on "The Power of Introverts" I think one of the biggest things that I need to keep in check is my rest. Not just alone time, but figuring out my rhythms for re-energizing the ways that I re-energize, as well as how I abide (abiding is related but separate, and I've been thinking about that lately too...). Now, everyone "re-energizes" differently, but for our health as humans (extrovert and introvert alike), it is essential to have downtime - quiet. Yes, while it looks different on the scale of introversion and [...]

The Missional Introvert: Part One

2014-08-28T14:30:34+00:00By |discipleship, Featured, Missional Community|

My wife and I have decided that we want to lead our family as a family on mission. That means that "extended family" is being built around our family's mission, and that also means discipleship is taking place and discipleship takes access to and opening one’s life. Being available. Here's the thing though: I am an introvert. It’s not an excuse; it’s just the truth of the matter. As much as I love people, they tire me out. I need down time. Like, literally, all-by-myself-time: to contemplate, to read, and sometimes to watch movies which makes fodder for future conversations. Whatever it is, that balance must be maintained if I’m going to function well. The interesting [...]

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