I’ve heard it, and used it, for years. “I’m just in ‘a season of…'” and fill in the blank. It has become a part of the ‘christian’ sub-culture’s language. But as I’ve walked, ran, trudged, and crawled through this journey called life, I have seen literal seasons of weather so extreme (from Arizona to Minnesota) that when I use the metaphor of seasons, I do it thoughtfully. I love nature, and I’ve used the imagery of nature in my music often. “You Captivate” is a simple song of seasons. Whether the extremes of life feel dry, like the arid, hot desert, or like the downpour of Georgia rain. Or whether it feels like the overwhelming cold of a Minnesota winter, or the soft summer, evening breeze in the Arizona mountains, one thing that I’ve experienced is the constants of God. What are these constants? They are the things that don’t change: His faithfulness, and His habit of saving, redeeming, and pursuing me all through my life.

So, this is just a simple song of worship regarding that. …It’s also fun to play.

You Captivate
by Joel Bidderman

You are so faithful
You save me from myself
My fears and my shame
You have rescued me
And You have called my name

To be forever drawn to You

Utterly torn and silence worn
Twilight down to sunrise morn
You captivate me
Wilderness and mountain top
River rage to standing pond
You captivate me

© 2006 Joel A. Bidderman/ASCAP