Being Homesick and sitting on rocks

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“…So Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.” Hebrews 9:28 One of my happy places in my early twenties was a place overlooking the Mogollon [moe-gee-yawn] Rim. The Mogollon Rim trail was about a mile from the cabin that I was living in, and the rim is a valley lined with ponderosa pine trees. I would often walk the trail and sit down on a rock. The same rock every time. My rock. I affectionately called that rock, "butt rock." It's as if the hand that spun the universe, [...]


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Time for a reboot. I've been using that term a lot lately for different things. It seems to just be synonymous with pruning and cutting things out of life. Taking things to their simplest state again. Because of that, I've sort of been pondering something that I affectionately call "Wendell Berry-ing it." Wendell Berry is someone that I'm challenged and inspired by. Berry is a prophetic-type guy: a farmer, an advocate for peace, activist with much to say about war, the environment, the economy and society in general, he's a novellist and poet, and he doesn't own a computer and lives an Agrarian lifestyle. This outspoken voice resonates in my imagination. But to be honest, I'm [...]

Seek, Find, and Wonder

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My daughter's birthday was last week. So was my anniversary. My two girls and me. It has made me think of life, as I always do. Not just what has happened, and not what will happen, but what is happening. Because today is connected. Yesterday is a vapor and tomorrow is a shadow that the sun (right now) casts on the sidewalk in front of us. Learning from the past, planning for the future, and living in the moment should make us hold loosely our life as it swirls like water with the oil of wonder. One day it will all be caught up together. No separation. One day. The wonder being the hope of Christ, [...]

Simply a banana hammock

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We own a banana hammock. A humble but noble banana hammock. Henry. Henry the Banana Hammock. Henry holds fruit. Usually, he holds bananas. Sometimes avocados, and sometimes he's been known to hold an apple or few. Never watermelons, because Henry wasn't made to hold watermelons. I would never expect the banana hammock to hold a watermelon. My point being... It is amazing the pressure that people can often place on themselves, relationally and spiritually. I like what Rich Mullins once said: Some of us are so afraid that God's not going to look at us. So we're out there doing all sorts of things to get God to take notice, but folks, God notices you. The [...]

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