10. Songs in the Night

Job 35:10 (NIV)
“But no one says, ‘Where is God my Maker,

     who gives songs in the night’”


I went for a walk tonight. I heard my heart sing…it was a “somehow.” What is more incredible, that “somehow” I’m able to teach kids from my fallen hands how to make music, or that “somehow” they trust me to teach them? Which is true music? Or what is more “mindboggling?” Is it the slow blinking light of airflight snailing across the sky, or the star that reminds me that no matter where I go, I’ll be exactly where God put me? And what of being in the Hand of God? Isn’t the true miracle of being in His palm the simple unbelievable fact that when I’m there I get to feel His presence, and I get to share His warmth? Somehow the poverty sings a simple song that wealth cannot comprehend. Somehow these broken hands can touch in a wholeness that a whole can’t reach. “Somehow,” wholeness from brokeness. “Somehow,” wealth from poverty. Hmm. Is it I who writes these words or is it the Word that writes me? I think I’ll write songs in the dark…the desert is beautiful at night.

I think I’m getting it.
Thanks for the whole truth.