It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, due to many factors: processing a lot for studies, working hard, letting life be life and social networking less, and learning how to Sabbath rest. Really, it just seems like through the jumble of the social and political climate in the world, what I write on my little blog doesn’t matter much. It’s like there’s so much white noise, why should I add to it? In a world of tragedy, people get bent out of shape over coffee cups.

But that’s not the point.

The point here is to create. The point is that though there is a lot of noise in the world, there is still melody. There is still a song – an ancient song of hope, redemption, love, and as a follower of Jesus Christ I get to join in that song.

I get it.

There is a lot of hurt. There is a lot of brokenness. There is a lot of pain. I’m imperfect. You’re imperfect. But there’s hope.

Maybe that’s why a stable instead of a home. Maybe that’s why an animal trough instead of a crib. Maybe that’s why the shepherds instead of high society, and the poor instead of the rich.

It seems like every parable and teaching of the Kingdom of God (the Heavens) that Jesus taught, was an invitation to hear the melody in the white noise. The Good Samaritan, the Two Sons, the Lost Sheep, the Great Feast, and the Sower and all the others. There is a love and kindness that surpasses prejudice, a love and forgiveness that goes beyond mistakes, a love more persistent than our wandering, serendipity, and the fruit of the Word taking root in our hearts – a changed life. There is hope.

Let’s be the melody.