cusp: a point of transition (as from one historical period to the next) 

Once again, we are on a cusp. We wake up. We start the coffee. We begin again, literally but also metaphorically. The call of the moment is to bravely reset on the successes and failures as well. It’s a new day to create with our lives. To breathe hope into hopeless spaces, and to scrape art into the scratchboard of life.

St. Bonaventure tells us that towards the end of his life St. Francis would tell the other friars: “Let us begin again, brothers, for up until now, we have done little or nothing.” Francis – who did much, and whose legacy lives on as a reformer. For me, I continually remember that though there has been progress, there is much to be done…so: We begin again – each week, each day, each new year, new month, new week, and new moment of awareness. We sit on the

“So, We Begin Again”

In a land of division
Let us begin again

In a time where there are some who claim Christ
But ostracize those who are unlike them
Let us begin again

In a land where Sunday morning still tends to be the most segregated hour in society
We begin again

Lord, have mercy on us
Lord, lead us
Lord, give us grace
Grace for humility
Grace for sacrifice
Grace for forgiveness
Grace to set all things aside
Right now
In the Already
To be bringers of the Not Yet
In a world that needs it right now

©2022 Joel A Bidderman