Serendipity, “a surprise ending”

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When God uses me, it often feels like a mistake. Not that I don't think that God can use me...but rather, I don't mean for Him to use me. As a matter of fact, the first thing out of my mouth when I realize that God used me is usually, "Oops." People sometimes have come up to me and told me, "God really spoke to me through what you said." And the first thing that I try to do is remember what I said; always grateful, but sometimes confused. One day I was in church and there was a ministry time when people stood up to receive prayer. The pastor asked for those standing around the [...]

Serendipity, “the agreeable”

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My truck sucks. I don't mean it in a derogatory "it's a peace of trash" kind of way. I mean it like a friend, playfully batting around a joking brash of a verbal noogy. I used to think of my truck as a female. Not just because it's temperamental (just kidding women), but because that's the manly thing to do. Pilots would name their planes after their woman interest back home, almost creating these women to be mythical creatures that every enlisted man dreamt of. Not so with my truck. My truck is definitely a guy. My truck is a close friend whose favorite thing to do is to play practical jokes on ME. It's like [...]

Serendipity, “the valuable”

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Forest Gump hit it on the head. "Life is like a box of chocolates." Indeed it is, but maybe not for the reality that "You never know what you're going to get" but rather because---you never know when it's going to make you sick. You can just be chowing down on a delectable cream-filled, chocolate wonder that comes in a box one minute and in the next be holding your stomach in agony. As grim as it is, the "never knowing" means the bad has as much of a chance as coming your way as the good. Life can be tough, but it is THE VALUABLE because you can't tie a price tag onto it. It's [...]

Serendipity, “the phenomenon”

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We live in a violent world. People kill each other. Parents kill children, "friends" backstab, very often the race in the job market means people stepping on other people to somehow get to the top, and some people die of hunger while others feed their faces. The world is cold in its perversion. Seriously, it makes me sick. There is only so much I can handle, but what is worse, I have a habit of being as humanly flawed as the next human. But there is serendipity, a surprise, and it is nothing short of a miracle. It's the phone call from an old friend. It's someone seeing your gifts on a hard day when you [...]

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