A Country Boy From Assisi, A Mountain Boy From Arizona

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I remember when I was introduced to a person who has been revolutionary to my faith. Yes, obviously Jesus is the most revolutionary, but I am talking about somebody who inspired me to take a look at my life and ask, "How am I following Jesus? Really following Him." This person is St. Francis of Assisi. I remember being in a university choral class when we were given a piece to sing called "Servants of Peace" by James Quinn and K. Lee Scott, which was based on the Prayer of Peace which has been attributed to the Franciscan tradition (though it is unlikely that Francis was the author). Regardless, where the prayer came from, it definitely reflects Francis' life [...]

Franciscan Abandon: Experiments in Abandon Part 5

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My wife and I watched one of my favorite movies the other week. "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" is a movie about Francis of Assisi. While the movie is painted with a wonderful tint of Seventies music and flower-child vibe, it does wonderfully at conveying (in part) the uniquely undying passion of this Italian character that has been celebrated by Catholics and Protestants alike. Francis, having grown up in a well-to-do family, was struck by an illness while off at war. Returning home he had many encounters of God speaking to him. God stirred Francis' heart to rebuild a broken down church. Francis abandoned all and devoted himself to living with the poor, rebuilding the church and [...]