What a Friend: Songs in the Night

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  So, we were joking: Songs in the Night is actually more like Songs...after the kids go to bed. The original Songs in the Night that I named this musical series after was an all night worship and prayer vigil that I led in my early twenties. And at this time in our lives we [...]

Any Opportunity for the Incarnation

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Today is Christmas Eve, and below I am posting a video containing one of the Christmas songs that I've written over the years. However, I use the word "Christmas" gently, lightheartedly and passionately all at once.Gently, because yes, I know the arguments behind the calendar days on which Christmas and Easter holidays occur as having [...]

Experiments in Abandon: Part 1

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a·ban·don 1.to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert In US Christian Pop-culture you practically need a CPC (Chrisitian Pop Culture) to English dictionary to wade through much of what we talk about. This is one word that has a habit to cause confusion. I remember when I was completing my third CD entitled "Depravity, [...]