I love music and spoken word that challenges and teaches. Here’s one of my favorite poets, Joel Mckerrow, and his poem, “For Tomorrow.”  When we were watching this as a family, toward the end, my daughter turned to me and said, “That’s Heaven!” and I smiled and said, “Yes it is, honey.” The Kingdom of Heaven, a reality that is both now and not-yet, is something that I believe we hunger for. When we long for justice, for hope, and for wrong things made right, the compass of our hearts -as broken and imperfect as they are -point north again. Something stirs in us, and our hearts start to resonate with the heart of God and Holy Spirit burning passion. Frederick Buechner wrote,

“The Kingdom of God is where we belong.  It is home, and whether we realize it or not, I think we are all of us homesick for it.”

The Kingdom of God -come, is something of which we get to be a part of now as we follow Jesus Christ.

“…We wait, and this waiting is an ache
And this ache is a burden heavy and hopeful
(This ache is a father waiting for his child to be born)
This ache is a back scratch never quite reaching that sweet spot
And so, we keep on scratching
We keep on moving
We keep on working
We keep on crawling
We keep going forward
We seek
For tomorrow, by acting today
Until this world is as she was always meant to be”

***Joel (& the Mysterious Few) has an amazing new recording that just came out called “Welcome Home,” and it has “For Tomorrow” on it. 🙂

Let’s keep acting and moving, and in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, keep stepping forward in the courage to be healing to this broken place.