Who am I? Sounds like a loaded question. And depending on the day you might get a different answer. Yes, I am Joel. I want to be more Jesus than me. But usually I’m me. I used to think that my 20’s were all about figuring who I am. Mostly, I found out who I’m not. Sometimes it was positive, sometimes it was not. I learned that I fell short of my ideals 98% of the time, during the other 2% I was just confused. Blessedly clueless. My eleventh stone in my Josh 4 monument is not that I figured out who I am. I’ve given up on that one. In my efforts to serve others and love others [stay tuned for stone 12], I’ve learned a lot about personality types. Golden retrievers, otters, lions, introverts, extroverts, performance introverts, etc. Through it I’ve found what I’m like, which is giving me insight into who I am. This has helped me to learn what other people are like too, but the most important thing that it has taught me is that there is a difference between learning what a person is like and who they are. That takes time and care. I guess on top of studying societies, I’ve become a studier of people. An anthropologist of sorts. I have much to learn, but I’m learning to learn. The last stone is the capstone of this monument…so it’s a big one.