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Hi, this is my (Joel Bidderman’s) ministry site for spiritual formation. Welcome to my journey. I’m attending Sustainable Faith’s school of spiritual direction, and I’ve been in awe of the experiences of which I’ve been able to be a part. The school of direction takes place in a two year cohort/class, and is intensive in its reading list, group interaction, and experience in spiritual direction. I am currently in my second year, and the second year program is for those who envision spiritual direction as a more central feature of their work. It gives participants the opportunity to go through the Ignatian Exercises together, gain significant (supervised) experience in offering direction, delve more fully into the theological underpinnings of spiritual direction and address special topics. At the end of Year 2, students are certified and fulfill the requirements for inclusion in Sustainable Faith's list of directors as well as in other umbrella organizations. You can read more here, and also join me in my current season of ministry by connecting here at this site. Thank you!

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Where I’ve Been

In the past I’ve ministered cross-culturally on Native American reservations, developed missional communities, and have trained worship leaders. Many of the most significant experiences in my walk with the Lord have been in the quiet times, hardship, steps/leaps of faith, and mentoring others in their walks of faith. It is in these places that I’ve both sensed the Lord’s presence most strongly and have experienced deep joy.

Where I am Now

Ministry/vocation-wise, I am serving both as a worship pastor at Vineyard Community Church, Gilbert, AZ, as well as a team leader at an anti-hunger organization. I am enjoying this season. Over the past year, my family and I have been making changes in our lives to live more simply, and I feel that as I look toward the future it is crucial to walk through the healing process for some things, as well prepare for the next season by learning the skills and disciplines to help others deepen in their relationship with the Lord. The School of Sustainable Faith is an active way for me to do this. I am currently a second year student in Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction.

Where I’m Going

Spiritual formation is a part of discipleship that is absolutely crucial for followers of Jesus. Through the completion of my schooling with Sustainable Faith, I will receive certification as a spiritual director, and my intention is to develop tools and experiences (retreats, seminars, and classes) that will help others encounter the Lord. I am passionate about seeing the integration of faith in Jesus Christ into the every day lives of non-profit workers, and those who regularly engage in helping relationships. I want to see to see the Kingdom of Heaven come in our everyday, and to recognize the Lord’s hand at work in relationships, breakthroughs, and even the mundane. I believe that a healthy life which is in intimate relationship with the Lord, naturally results in reaching out and caring for the poor, the oppressed, the hungry, and the stranger.

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Be a Part of the Journey

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If you are interested in being a part of my journey, there are a few ways that you can do that.

First, keep me in your prayers as I complete year two of my schooling.
Second, check out my GoFundMe page and help me out by contribute to my tuition this year!
Third, come back here to see updates throughout this year. I’ll also be posting books and resources that have been encouraging during my journey.
Fourth, visit my blog for my writings and music.

Again, thank you for visiting this page!