It’s time

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Tonight, John 14 is giving me strength. A part of the chapter hit me tonight, that has not done so before. Sure, there is "Your heart must not be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in My Father's house...I'll come back for you (paraphrased)" (v. 1-4), the huge, "I am the way, the truth, [...]

Being Dangerous

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Too long have followers of Jesus settled for religious compliance and inoffensive comportment. Too long have rank and file Christians delegated the dangerous life of following Jesus to the professionals, believing them best suited for the radical engagement with the world that Jesus models. Too long have we believed that the highest goal of Christianity [...]

Good Friday

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Jesus didn’t go to the cross so we wouldn’t have to. He went to the cross so we could join him there. - Dallas WillardLast night we had some friends over to sit, have wine, have bread and talk about Jesus. Very informal. We had the movie The Gospel of John playing in the background, and [...]