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Be the Helpers

  "If you look for the helpers, then you'll know that there's hope." Fred Rogers It's overwhelming, really, where we have found ourselves. True, we do see the great needs in the world a little bit: the hurricanes and other natural disasters are often in the headlines, but let's be honest: scandal sells and attention is often drawn away from the great needs of the world (which can actually broaden our worldview), and are often given to the most negatively sensationalistic stories that the headlines can muster. Some studies [...]

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Thoughts on Worship from a Ragamuffin: the worship pastor side of me

  Like many church professionals, I have more than one income stream. Half of my time I'm a worship pastor at a Vineyard church, and the other half I'm a team leader at a humanitarian anti-hunger organization which is doing some great things in addressing global hunger. While schedule-wise, I need to watch my time allocation so that my family doesn't go crazy (as well as for my own sanity), right now I'm blessed that I get to live out my calling in this way. What I mean [...]

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For Tomorrow: a reminder to keep on

  I love music and spoken word that challenges and teaches. Here's one of my favorite poets, Joel Mckerrow, and his poem, "For Tomorrow."  When we were watching this as a family, toward the end, my daughter turned to me and said, "That's Heaven!" and I smiled and said, "Yes it is, honey." The Kingdom of Heaven, a reality that is both now and not-yet, is something that I believe we hunger for. When we long for justice, for hope, and for wrong things made right, the compass [...]

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Ordinary Heroes: the glory of hiddenness

“I am a Christian, not because someone explained the nuts and bolts of Christianity, but because there were people willing to be nuts and bolts.” ― Rich Mullins This is the paradox [of discipleship]: accompanying the unveiling of Jesus there is a veiling of us in the same moment, and therein lays the real glory of transformation: the glory of hiddenness. - Graeme Sellers I've been thinking a lot about how the Christians who have shaped me the most significantly are not the ones who are outwardly polished, [...]