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What a Friend: Songs in the Night

  So, we were joking: Songs in the Night is actually more like Songs...after the kids go to bed. The original Songs in the Night that I named this musical series after was an all night worship and prayer vigil that I led in my early twenties. And at this time in our lives we don't quite have the stamina for that, but we manage to scurry to the basement for these recordings. For our worship time this month we decided to sing my friend Bruce Goode's song [...]

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A Place to Be Human: Meditations on community part five

As a worship leader, I want to lead others in being authentic; because I believe that when we are authentic and real (with God and each other), our worship is authentic. I fully believe that our identity as Believers is tied up in and defined by Who God is and what He's done. At the same time, I believe that only when we are willing to come to God as humans in our sin and humanity, broken, needy, and honest, is there 'worship in spirit and truth' (John [...]

Any Opportunity for the Incarnation

Today is Christmas Eve, and below I am posting a video containing one of the Christmas songs that I've written over the years. However, I use the word "Christmas" gently, lightheartedly and passionately all at once.Gently, because yes, I know the arguments behind the calendar days on which Christmas and Easter holidays occur as having pagan roots, I know the realistic theological and historical argument that Jesus was not born on December 25th. I use it gently because I don't want to come across as one who thinks [...]

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Experiments in Abandon: Part 1

a·ban·don leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert In US Christian Pop-culture you practically need a CPC (Chrisitian Pop Culture) to English dictionary to wade through much of what we talk about. This is one word that has a habit to cause confusion. I remember when I was completing my third CD entitled "Depravity, Grace & Reckless Abandon," when I sat with the project's photographer discussing the project. It took awhile to break ground on the concept because I kept saying "abandon" and the photographer (a relatively [...]

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